Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bringing people together

I never thought I was the type to read a blog or blog myself but here I am sharing my thoughts on my favorite topic "FOOD". I was destined to be a Chef. I can't imagine being anything else. My fondest memories have always been food related. My mom would tell this story of when I was young that I had one solid leg because I was so chunky that you couldn't see the separation of two legs. My favorite food at that age was sweet potatoes and holding them double fisted.

I can honestly say I don't think there is anthing in this world that we all do collectively that can bring people together like Food.


  1. You are such an amazing chef, and are for sure destined to do so as your profession and your passion. Myself and those close to you who get the privilege to eat your food and learn from you are truly lucky. I think this is one reason we are such a good match, the love of food and to bring others together to enjoy each other's company.

  2. When ever I think about great Executive Chefs you always come to mind. I have had the pleasure to work with you and to see your creations first hand. From the presentation, the taste of the food to way way you interact with you clients was nothing but magnificent. You have a skill to die for...and this skill needs to be showcase to the highest level and i know a lot of people who would agree with me!!